Wellness Travelers - Monthly Membership (all levels)

Welcome to the first (or maybe next) step to a healthier you. 

Wherever you are now on your health journey, one thing is for certain if you find yourself here - you either aren't in your ideal healing environment and are dealing with signs of imbalance in your body OR you are exactly where you need to be but are looking for other people willing to make choices against the cultural norm in the name of better health.  

Whichever path you are on right now, I am so excited to have you part of our Wellness Travelers Family!!

I offer 3 levels of support to make it even easier to pick the one that is right for you. You can even change paths if you find yourself hungering for more private support or 'graduating' to less private support. 

Please note that Gold and Platinum levels have a built in Comprehensive Health History Review amount for those that want to secure their spot in my practice and get started right away.  There is also an option to purchase the Comprehensive Review separately.  As my practice builds, you may be put on a waiting list and need to start off at the Silver level or in a self guided program if you choose the review as a standalone.  After the review, you will be given a coupon code for your gold/platinum membership as spots become available.

Silver is for those who feel comfortable navigating this journey largely on their own and taking the reins for the investigative work. It is a group support program with weekly open Q&A/support calls, but without in depth personalized recommendations and exploration.  It goes nicely with any of my self guided programs to add some accountability and community and is also where many of my clients end up being once they have found their healing environment and want added support staying the course.

Silver members are able to add personalized coaching sessions for $250/session if they have had a Comprehensive Health History Review within the last 18 months.

Gold is for those who need more time between sessions with private sessions once a month.  Typically clients move to this membership after 3-4 months at the higher platinum level of support. I do not recommend this level for anyone who has tendencies to procrastinate as the temptation to wait until a week before our next session to make changes can sabotage your journey.

Platinum support is for those ready to move forward with two sessions a month.  Meeting every 2 weeks helps keep the healing journey progressing but still at your prefered pace. Platinum members enjoy more bite sized changes and more accountability, making it perfect for those with very high symptoms scores and those who are busy and need smaller changes made at a time. It is recommended that everyone start at this level for the first 2 months at least.

The length of your membership is at your discretion. It is advised to commit for at least 4 months as that is the amount of time needed to make a true sustained change in your life.  Please understand that due to personal nature of each person's journey that there is no way to know how long the trip to get to your healing environment (and stay there) may take.

The group calls are currently on Tuesday nights at 6:15 PM CST. They are 'drop in' style with a request that if you will be joining past 6:30 to simply let me know as smaller groups will sometimes wrap up fairly quickly depending on their unique needs.

You will be invited to join our exclusive Facebook group for added support (link provided after purchase).

And if you prefer to NOT be on Facebook, it's 100% okay!  I'll be adding content here as well. Please let me know if you prefer not to use Facebook though so I can be sure to get everything here for you in a timely fashion.

Let's Get Started

Payment Options

$55 every month until canceled
$605 every year until canceled
$199 every month until canceled
$375 every month until canceled