You deserve better.  
You deserve a partner in your health.

9 years. 3 providers. Zero answers. Increasing symptoms.

All I wanted to know was "why".  
Why was it so hard to go to sleep? To stay asleep? To go back to sleep when I woke up at 3 am?
Why did I keep gaining weight? Why was it physically SO HARD to workout? Why did my muscles always hurt and feel tired?
Why did I have so much bloating and so many digestive issues?
Why were my hot flashes so profound and debilitating? 
But even more importantly - why did my doctor keep telling me I was 'fine' when I kept telling him I was NOT fine.

It turns out that I was simply looking in the wrong place. I was asking the wrong profession.  I didn’t need a doctor (thankfully!).  I needed something else.  

Because I couldn't find the health partner I wanted, I decided to embark on a journey to help myself and others using the principles of Functional Medicine - a science based approach to health that studies how and what the body needs to function optimally.  The truth is that when you support the body's natural functions and remove what is causing problems, the natural state is one of wellness. The answers to my whys - the root cause to MY wellness - unrealized food sensitivities, impaired digestion/absorption of nutrients, detox pathways that needed extra support, and overwhelming mental, environmental, and physiological stressors that had to be addressed. 

And the best part? When you do this work and  you discover your whys, you expand your health team to include YOU.

I believe in the value of partnership and collaboration when it comes to our health. Too often there simply isn’t time at medical appointments to troubleshoot and integrate important advice.  It’s why all of my clients are also required to have a working relationship with their doctors as well since our work isn’t in the realm of medicine.  We work together to find the pathway to your wellness environment.  I also believe one of the biggest drivers of disease today is the disconnect between what our body needs and the habits we fall into because we don't understand the power of our choices. When you are supported to make health promoting choices and educated as to why your body craves those choices to be made, then you truly regain control over your own health.

How do I know if functional wellness right for me? 

  • You've been told "everything looks fine," but feel like something is off and you want to feel fantastic - not fine.
  • You have tried eating healthy, exercising, and tending to your sleep and stress, but still feel like something is missing.
  • Or maybe you know you *should* eat healthy, exercise, and work on your sleep and stress, but you aren't sure where to get started.
  • You are ready to take action and invest in yourself because you know life holds more for you than you are experiencing right now.
  • You are tired of Googling your symptoms, and you want an expert to guide you and teach YOU how to be the expert in your own healing.
  • You understand that part of the journey involves taking notes and paying attention to how your body responds to your choices.
  • You are open to learning new ways of thinking and practice new behaviors because your cells are listening and will respond accordingly.

My Mission 
My mission is to help people become empowered to take control of their health.  It's such a simple, desirable, intuitive idea...and yet so alien and seemingly unattainable to so many of us. We've been conditioned to seek out health professionals for all of our concerns and follow their advice without question or without our input.  And while this mindset works well and is necessary with acute, emergency medical needs, sadly it doesn't work so well when we are striving for overall health and wellness; we see this truth in the ever increasing prevalence of chronic disease.  Our medical system is simply not set up to allow practitioners to spend the time that it takes to learn your story and all of your concerns and then to celebrate your wins and brainstorm challenges.  This disconnect between what we have available and what we want is bridged with the functional wellness model. 

Why is this my passion?  Easy.  I personally became tired of not feeling great but being told 'everything looks fine'.  I knew I wasn't 'fine', and I sure wasn't thriving.   At best I was given vague instructions to follow - stress less and eat better.  At worst, my concerns were blown off completely.  I decided that for too long I had handed my (non-immediately life threatening) health issues over to other people and had been denied an active role in finding my pathway to optimal health.  

This realization led me to Functional Medicine - a field of science that focuses on the why...the reason...the root cause to any symptom or health issue we experience.  Because by asking 'why' enough and investigating that root cause we can truly find wellness.  We can take the proverbial thorn out of the lion's paw to make the issue go away by addressing the true reason.  I learned that there are fundamental truths that must be followed to allow the body to do what it wants to do -  return you to a state of health.

My goal is to help others realize that settling for "I feel fine" is just that - settling.  Fine. The other 4 letter F-word.  Let's trade out 'fine' for 'fantastic'! 

Learn how you can take control of your health today!

I just wanted to once again thank you for all the time, nurturing and support you give me.  I got up early this morning and made some quilt bindings. Maybe not a big deal to most but for me it’s huge. Four months ago I could barely get up in time to get to work and then I was exhausted all day. I was so depressed I honestly didn’t care if I did get up or not. My progress hasn’t been quick but I’ve  been steadily improving and to me that’s what matters. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and you not only gave me the ability to take that first step, you have stayed right there behind me helping me up each time I stumble. Thank you from the bottom of my heart 💖.”  -Pam B.

I have worked with Sheri for one month and honestly I cannot believe I am already writing a positive review. For years I have struggled with migraines…multiple times a week I’d be in debilitating pain. After a pretty intense illness…everything seemed to get worse….joint pain, poor sleep, poor digestion, poor concentration, and the list goes on! Sheri helped me implement simple yet effective lifestyle changes…these changes were absolutely FREE yet have made such an impact. She also recommended a supplement regimen. I was sure the supplements were going to be $100’s and 100’s of dollars….I was shocked by how little the cost was for what she recommended. So between the lifestyle changes and the supplements I have been migraine free for almost 1 month!! I am seeing improved energy, joint pain is gone, hormone improvement, and the list continues. The whole experience has been so professional and seamless…I wish I could have consulted with her years ago.

~Candice G
I have never felt more heard and validated! Sheri took the time to really listen to what I had to say, and I was so impressed with how knowledgeable she is and how many wonderful insights and suggestions she had right off the bat! I can't speak highly enough of her and can't express how grateful I am to have found someone who truly cares about her clients!

~Amber R

I searched for years for someone who would listen instead of assuming they knew more about me than I did. Sheri establishes an environment of trust that makes it easy to discuss anything and everything. She helps me to dig deeper into my issues and provides guidance on how to make improvements. She provides me with reasonable goals and then provides lots of encouragement to reach those goals. She is definitely a partner in this journey to better health.

~Pam B

I have worked with Sheri for almost a year now. It's been such a transformational experience! She has helped me in ways that doctors did not:

* She was able to figure out an allergy that was causing me to have an anaphylactic reaction to a common food.
* She has helped me figure out which supplements I needed to balance out and improve my daily life.
* She helped me figure out menus that I could make and eat that would consider new allergies, my fussy palate and yet fit with my frenetic life.

And finally - and most importantly: ✨ She's validated and helped me in ways that helped my mental and emotional well being ✨ 🙏 Thank you, Sheri! 🙏

~Lori K

Hi everyone. I would like to share a few words about Sheri Brinkmeyer, Functional Medicine Health Coach @ Root Cause to Wellness. 2021 was a very difficult year for me (I am diabetic); I was stressed, depressed, and had pretty much given up.  BUT, Sheri brought me back to life. God put her in my life to start getting better and pick up myself and focus on living a better and healthier life. My sugar went from over 400 to down now to 111; what a change!  I don’t just want to eat, sleep and pee anymore. Everything has a new life to it. THANK YOU SHERI for being the most helpful and caring and giving person; your concern and expertise is amazing.

~Ruby B

 Are you ready to join the ranks of those taking charge of their health?
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