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There are so many different types of support that give you that extra help along this journey. I adore Habit Nest and their journals to keep track as well as guide your choices.  My favorite form of self care is to slip into my Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket and enjoy the relaxing detoxification.  Body Groove is an oh so fun way to bring movement into your day.  And Headspace helps even those who 'can't meditate' to find mindfulness all day long no matter what life throws your way. 

Note: Some of these are affiliate links with associated small commissions, and some are not. But ALL are services I use on a regular basis and believe in deeply.

Habit Nest
Some resources simply need their own category, and DNRS is one of these resources.  DNRS - Dynamic Neural Retraining System.  A way to help realign your nervous system to promote healing.  It is especially helpful for those who seem to be extremely sensitive to their surroundings or who have a health condition that seems 'impossible' to resolve.  

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 Supplemental Support
We strive to do everything we can to nourish the body with the foods that we eat. But   sometimes because of personal preferences, the ever diminishing nutrition in our   food, availability, and our own unique needs, we just need more support.  A lot of   times the highest quality items simply aren't found in stores - from essential oils to   vitamins to digestive and immune support and everything in between. Here are some   of my top 'go to' sources:

 DoTERRA Essential Oils and Supplements
 Fullscript - Practitioner Grade Supplements