Private Support for Greater Success
Self guided and group programs are wonderful ways to support your health, but sometimes complete personalization from someone who knows your full health story makes all the difference when it comes to reaching your goals.

Sheri Brinkmeyer, MHS
Functional Wellness Consultant 
What To Expect Working with Me

1. Health Strategy Call

Schedule a free 30 minute health strategy call to learn more about functional wellness and how it can help you achieve your goals.

This time is yours to briefly lay out your health concerns and goals and why NOW is the best time to address these matters. This opportunity lets us decide if we want to work together privately or if one of my programs or possibly a different modality would fit your needs better.

2. Choose your pathway -
Private Support, Group, or Self Guided

There is no universally right answer - simply the pathway that is best for you right now. If you choose private support, you will receive access to my private HIPPA secure client portal and various forms to fill out as well as the ability to upload labs and your life story.

3. The One to One Journey

Once all of your forms are in and analyzed, our first session is 75 - 90 minutes. We will go over patterns seen and the pathways that have led you to where your health is right now. This work gives us a map to follow to restore your health. At this session, the first stops on your journey will be laid out and you will receive your first 'Health Work' assignments.

Subsequent sessions are 45 minutes long and held every 2-3 week depending on the Health Work you are doing. You will have access to food and mood journals as well as a lifestyle journal and a messaging system to communicate with me between sessions.

Let me help you rebuild your health by taking a journey where YOU are honored as the expert in your body.  

On this journey, you will learn the truths of your body:

  • How to understand what your body is trying to tell you via symptoms

  • What your unique body needs more of to thrive

  • What your body needs less of to be well

  • And how to prioritize your lifestyle to include a healing environment
Using the principles of functional medicine we can restore wellness through supporting the functions of your body. At the end of your journey, you will be the expert in your health that you were always meant to become and will have skills to last you throughout life.

Start taking full control of your health today!

Gain access to my HIPPA secure client portal.

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