Not Just Another New Years Message
According to my inbox, I should be offering you THE path to fulfill your wildest dreams...or some crazy sale that ended last night at midnight but by 'popular demand' will be extended just one more day.

This is not one of those messages. I don't have extrinsically generated magic to offer you - real transformation comes from within and the only thing guaranteed to work happens when effort is applied. And while the big names in functional medicine sometimes grace you with a limited time 15% discount on professional grade supplements, that's the baseline savings of my dispensary even for those I don't work with privately.

No. This message is one of over reaching goals and pushing forward when expectations don't match outcomes.

When I left my job as a PA on December 17, 2021, to work on Root Cause To Wellness full time starting January 1, 2022, I broke my decades long vow not to make New Year's Resolutions. I knew to make S.M.A.R.T. goals and did my best. Schedules, planners, checklists, detailed plans on timelines....and it lasted solidly into....maybe the second week of January?  Not bad, actually - 25% of people quit within a week of setting their goals, and mine were planned out way before the calendar page turned!

I started with zero active clients - only a handful that I saw every few months. My website was barely a landing page. I didn't even realize that I should have a handout and never would have imagined I would put together one on mindful breathing!  And my group program? Well that only existed in my mind as a concept of something I wanted to create.

All of those plans I had made to take the world by storm and change thousands of lives in 2022 with my functional medicine knowledge? Overly ambitious isn't even descriptive enough.

But I sit here at 7 am on January 1, 2023, in a solid truth - every day is a new day for a new start. And when my 2022 plans fizzled like those fireworks that woke me up last night, I made new ones and started them right there - any time of the day, any day of the week, any month of the year.

So may today and every day find you feeling the strength to be exactly what you need that day - productive or restful, active or restorative, inquisitive or satiated. Always doing your best and realizing that that level of 'best' changes every single day and that that's perfectly perfect.

I, for one, will keep all of my group programs set to open enrollment so anyone can join when the time is right and not have the pressure of missing out weighing over them because I feel that when we are truly ready, then magic happens. What's important is that you know when the time is good for making small changes vs waiting for the time to be perfect...because perfection is an illusion. 

May you all be ready to pursue whatever goals your heart desires from a place of strength and happiness and never pressure and fear.  Here's to a lovely New Year/New Month/New Day/New Moment.


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