Goal Setting Guidelines
Happy 2024!

I'm always a 'little behind' by the calendar - never quite ready to shift from the hustle and bustle and joy of the end of year holidays to the whole "January First: New Year New Me" mindset.  And to be honest, I see each day as a reset for better choices. Each morning is an opportunity to drink a full glass of water before doing anything else, to move the body a little bit more than the day before, to pick better foods, and to practice mindfulness and talk as nicely to myself as I do to others. You get the idea. It takes some of the weight off of 'getting it right when the clock strikes midnight'.

And now that we are a week into 2024, it may even be even more of an ideal time to review our goals, what went well this last week, and what challenges we hit that we need to investigate new ways around going forward.

If you are a goal setter (which I encourage for anyone wanting to make changes), please read on for a few prompts to help you make reasonable and achievable goals that have increased relevance to you.  I also encourage you to download The Ultimate Goal Setting Workbook because writing out goals is instrumental to really thinking them through.  When we set goals, it pays for them to be as specific as possible, something we can measure, obviously something we can actually do that is relevant to the life we want to live, and to give ourselves a timeline.  Please use these prompts to get you thinking more in depth about your goals.


Some goals are easier to fulfill on our own such as drinking half our body weight in ounces of water and putting down our phones at a certain time at night instead of doom scrolling.  I always encourage an accountability buddy even for 'easier' goals though because, let's face it, all new habits are easier to fulfill with support.

Other goals require more substantial assistance such as finally getting to the bottom of why each night of sleep is so restless, investigating the root cause of headaches, balancing hormones, and conquering chronic constipation, heartburn, GI bloat, or other gut issues.  If you find your goals including anything wellness related, please schedule a free, no pressure 30 minute discovery call here.  Everyone that I work with privately has these calls to ensure that my skills align with your needs and to verify that we both want to work together.  I made these calls mandatory last year to better serve my clients because when it comes to choosing a functional wellness guide, you deserve to know up front if personalities match and that you understand the work you will need to do to get from where you are now to your healing environment.

Sometimes working privately is out of the picture because of budget, time, or just not being ready yet. And that's okay!  If group support is more your interest level, you can join my group program and enjoy an exclusive Facebook group and weekly group calls through my Silver Membership, which you can join here.

I also want to take a moment to express my deep gratitude for everyone reading this who is already part of my Wellness Travelers family as a private or group member. We all go further when we go together, and it is such an honor to see you all take control of your health as you make better, often socially 'deviant' choices by honoring what your body wants instead of what everyone else around you is doing. It's a challenge for sure, and I applaud you for saying 'yes' to it.

Have a wonderful day and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a 7 Day No Sugar Challenge coming up later this month!


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